About Us

The Roswell

is the neighborhood that lies approximately between the streets of Jackson, Nevada, Fillmore and just west of I25. It was incorporated as a town in 1857 and was a coal mine settlement. It had a school, a church and even a hotel with a population of 448 residents by 1900. It was named after the 30th Governor of New York, Roswell Pettibone Flower. The Roswell Park is still here today at the corner of Polk and Main Street, only a few bocks from here, next to the trailhead of one of the prettiest sections of the Greenway Trail. One of the first semi-pro baseball games in the area was played here and the town had an equestrian race track as well. The town was annexed by the city of Colorado Springs around 1909. We are proud of our neighborhood and the surrounding areas of North Downtown. It has been a pleasure to see it become such a wonderful community over time. As "The Springs" has become a popular destination for new businesses nationally and within our own state we are proud to be truly locally owned and operated as are all of our friends here at the Lincoln School. Everyone involved in ownership and operations for the Roswell have lived and worked in our downtown for at least 30 years. We love our community and hope you enjoy coming here and spending time with us as our friends. 

Please always let us know if you like what we do and definitely let us know if you do not.

Lauren, Michael, Tara and Ross